Eric CloutierUnser Mix der Woche


Mixe gibt es wie Sand am Meer. Einige sind großartig. Dieser hier ist Auftakt einer ganzen Podcast-Reihe.

Eric Cloutier hat uns Anfang des letzten Jahres schon einen tollen Mix über das Werk von Dale Lawrence beschert, jetzt hat er eine neue Reihe gestartet: The Arsonist & The Architect, Brandstifter:in und Architekt:in. Klingt spannend. Schöpferische Zerstörung im Sinne Schumpeters? Cloutier hat ein ausführliches Statement mitgeschickt: „Between a motivating surprise birthday with some friends that probably broke the law here in Berlin and the new year, I decided that, besides the obvious fact I’ll probably never have this much free time ever again, I should continue sifting through literally every single record on my shelves and reinvigorating my passion for techno, house and beyond. A text file I had written some 15 years ago that roughly outlined ’The Arsonist & The Architect’ was found on an old external drive, and I began to understand the possibility of turning this vast task into a reality. This concept series has been a passion project I finally feel is ready for construction and consumption – a gift presented with catharsis. Consisting of ten themed mixes done entirely with vinyl and recorded all in one take, I’m going to bare 20hrs of my admiration for this scene, its clubs, its audiences, its producers, its labels, and its music – just a sliver of my collection – for you all to enjoy. (...) This will definitely be a way for me to shake the malaise that I’ve been feeling for the last 16 months. But it is also a way to signify that the end is near for this cataclysm that nearly decimated club life as we know it. This is to be a musical journey as much as an inspiration for us all to return to the dancefloor – together."

Episode eins, Undulate, ist ein tiefer, perkussiver, polyrhythmischer hypnotischer Trip; mit dabei sind? Shazamt oder wartet, die Tracklist jeder Podcast-Folge wird immer eine Woche nach Erscheinen veröffentlicht, auf Soundcloud und auf Cloutiers Webseite. Das Artwork ist von Geometry Daily.

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